Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Recycled Saloon Canvas Bags!

This is going to be a fairly long post, prepare yourselves! I present...

This is a set of canvas bags I did a long while ago for a specific saloon/recycling event, which was organised by Alchemy Arts. (The Fi's sister :)). I have sold quite a few of them since on various occassions, but now that I finally got myself together and made the etsy store, they are all available on Etsy! I just really wanted to put a post together with all of them and have them all exhibited in one place - both ones I no longer have and ones that are still for sale. So, here we go!

Here's the first one of them - Malin and the Eelcat! Or to be more precise, Malin and Linda dressed as cowgirls. (If you click on the name it will take to to more photos).

Next one in line is the slightly shy Red Lady (number one, as there is another red beauty).

This one here is the Green Girl! Nature loving cutie.

Then there is the Pretty Purple!

And the Red Lady number two! (She's out of stock)

And finally, the Blue Bimbo... Or is it?!

Model is obviously Riennahera :)

One last thing I'd like to say is that Malin and the Eelcat were finally updated (and I am intending to do it on more regular basis now - yes, again...)

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