Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Christmas decorations: the making of!

The previous post featured these guys:

First of all, print my drawings onto some fabric! (I did them digitally in my now new favorite drawing software: Manga Studio :P). The patterned fabric is fabric some offcuts one of my other studio neighbours very kindly gave to me, Rowanjoy. The key thing is that it had GOLD in it, and as we know GOLD=XMAS ;). As for the Magikarp... Not sure how that got there! :P

First off I attached head to the body that was just black fabric...

And ten sew around it, trim excess and TURN IT OUT.

The Poppy doll was like the hardest thing I think I have ever sewn, to be precise - trying to turn it out was HAAAAARD. The arms and legs were so thin! But I made it in the end. And the second hardest thing was probably these miniature shorts ;)

..and then proceeded to do the easier bits, the castings. The backs are made of the blingy fabric too to match the doll ;)

Then they got STUFFED. One of these things is slightly different that the others... Can you tell which one? ;)

And that is it! This was probably the most exciting little project I did in December! Along with the Magikarp tote... Incidentally I think these were the only two little projects.

I wasn't going to do any New Year resolutions apart from the "get mean at banjo", but I think I should have one. This one: TAKE BETTER PHOTOS :O

Monday, 12 January 2015

X-mas Aftermath - some fun stuff...

2014, from October till almost Christmas was the busiest period in my life. Like, ever! ;) I had several fairs, including one in London, two exhibitions, co-ran a pop-up shop and on top of that still had all the online orders to work on. But I survived! I hope that next year I will be more prepared, although it always ends up just being that little bit more busy.

Once all the crazy mental Christmas period work was over - about a week before 24th, I had a little bit of time to focus on some fun projects. Like this, super inside-joke Magikarp bad for my pal Aimee...

Or these crazy tree decorations for our Hill Street Design House Office Christmas Party Secret Santa...

They were for Poppy of Edinburgh Casting Studio.

One of them was Poppy herself and others were based on some of the castings that they have in their portfolio. Such as:

The rest are a bit NSFW. :)