Saturday, 24 September 2011

Halloween and life of a drawing uncovered.

I know it is still over a month until Halloween, but I am preparing something special Halloween-themed :). This post is a teaser-trailer and my way of working UNCOVERED.

This is a rough guide how this drawing came to life.
1. Sketch number one. Legs are missing - appalling. (Human age equivalent 0-1 months old)
2. Sketch number two. A potential, needing refinement. (Human age equivalent 1-12 months old)
3. Refinement in progress. (Human age equivalent 1-5 years old)
4. Inking complete with extra thing happening on the side. (Human age equivalent 18 years old)
5. Colors done (above), and extras etc cleaned up. (Human age equivalent 21 years old. After that it's not growing up anymore, just ageing).

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

10 things

Courtesy of Liselotte. I got a letter D and then had to list 10 things that begin with D that I like. (And also I decided to draw them , but you don't have to). Comment if you want me to give you a letter!