Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Market

As you might know form my facebook page spamming, I have had a stall at my favourite market on Saturday. That would be the Out Of The Blue Drill Hall market ;) It just seems to be one that I always do. And I like it :) The location is great and they are normally pretty busy, full of lovely things.

So as per usual I took some snaps of my stall. They probably don't look overall that different, but you can spot some new things (that will make their way to etsy sometime soon.

For one, there is a few bits and bobs of assembled rainy jewellery....

And a preview of the one I have been REALLY excited about - the origami line! There are brooches, earring and necklaces... Again, they will make their way to etsy soon but if you are dying for one drop me a line :)

Otherwise, I can't believe it's already April... Been really REALLY busy lately! And it's only 8 months till my favourite time of the year... Christmas :) Haha, yes, I am a little bit crazy there probably... I am also really looking forward to summer. I have some holidays booked-ish, but I will not say anymore until it's a bit closer :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

It's raining!

There are some parts of a new jewellery line. Finished pieces will come here soon :) These are kind of inspired by the weather I constantly have here ;)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The working week is over,

So here, have a dinosaur. I met him on the street few days ago and had to take a snap. He was sat outside an italian restaurant.

Friday, 19 April 2013


On Saturday I did a photoetching class at Edinburgh Printmakers.

I love printmaking - the idea of it, as I have always been obsessed with work that can be reproduced/be multiple copies of the same thing. I have tried woodblock, lino, drypoint, some monoprints (that I didn't really like because they were... mono prints), screenprinting (big love)... But I never did any etching based things. And this course I booked thinking it was actually something slightly different (that also uses photec), I did  in in the spur of the moment really. And not regretting one bit, quite the opposite :)

It was AMAZING fun, as I have never done any etching before. But this being something between screenprinting and intaglio... My geek mode certainly kicks in ;)
I am now also working on a series of drawings that I think will all slowly turn into photoetchings... I just love it THAT much. It feels like a whole new world of opportunities has opened :)

So it's a story of how this...

...turned into this!

And a snapshop of the lovely tutor and some other folks that also did the class and their work.

Actually, there is no story here really. I will have some more inbetween process pictures next time... Or maybe a picture of a plate?

Anyway - the course at Edinburgh Printmakers was fantastic and I just kind of want to do more! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

New tags for bags

Here they are...
I have been meaning to re-do them for a while. I think the previous ones were pretty BUT they were pretty time consuming to make. This is the version two, pretty flamboyant. I want to do a geometric colorful ones too, but that will have to wait until next time... These just had to be ready for the craft show I am doing next Saturday (as in: the 20th, not day after tomorrow!)

I am pretty tired most of the time as I have been trying to get ready for this and the photoetching class THIS Sat. I am looking foward to it though! Also really looking forward to May which seems to be going to be a less busy month ;)

I think they would probably look better with red string, but I am sadly out of it!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

It's not just humans that appreciate Sir David Attenborough

This is the time for another set of phonecamera snapshots. I do apologize for the artistic values, but then some things I just have to record. Sometimes the cameraphone is the most convenient way... It will be a degree taught at art school one day, I am sure of it.

Anyway. A week ago I went on a short relaxing trip to the COUNTRYSIDE. Visiting the Pojkvän's family is always great, and most times it contains:
1. Eating
2. Cuddling puddyfat that goes by the name of Ollie and every time we visit seems to have expanded further
3. Log fires
4. Drinking lots of coffee and beer
5. Much needed relaxation and chilling
6. Eating, eating, eating...
By no means I am complaining about any of it! I love every second and it's always sad to leave.

This time I have learned something new though. The slightly slobby cat that loves food, naps and strokes (and going out to the garden too - to grab and extracurricular snack in the form of a blue tit, for example) has got another passion.

Sir David Attenborough.

I have no doubts that he is amazing. As far as I am concerned he is definetely one of my heroes. If I was to pick one genre of films to watch for the rest of my life it would be documentaries, and that is mainly due to childhood spent watching cheetahs and lions, and ants, and... Many other creatures, narrated by Sir David. I did not expect felines to share this passion though (that is possiby beccause I read somewhere that cats and dogs don't see 2d images in the same way as humans do, which I am not sure is true or not and frankly I don't think I care). We were informed that Ollie absolutely LOVES David Attenborough, but remained sceptical to this revelation. Until what has been documented below took place. (All pictures in chronological order and were NOT set up - cats aren't the best of actors).

See and believe! ;)
(The suggested soundtrack is the theme tune from Jaws)

Hey, I wanna play with you...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New in Shop: Unicorn Rainbow Tree Bags!

Available on black and natural cotton! Ihave been working on quite a lot of new items for the shop, but it's only now that it started to look like someting is finally coming out :) There is a lot of new jewellery on the way including some earrings! So these two are available on my etsy shop. Here's BLACK and here's NATURAL!