Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Market

As you might know form my facebook page spamming, I have had a stall at my favourite market on Saturday. That would be the Out Of The Blue Drill Hall market ;) It just seems to be one that I always do. And I like it :) The location is great and they are normally pretty busy, full of lovely things.

So as per usual I took some snaps of my stall. They probably don't look overall that different, but you can spot some new things (that will make their way to etsy sometime soon.

For one, there is a few bits and bobs of assembled rainy jewellery....

And a preview of the one I have been REALLY excited about - the origami line! There are brooches, earring and necklaces... Again, they will make their way to etsy soon but if you are dying for one drop me a line :)

Otherwise, I can't believe it's already April... Been really REALLY busy lately! And it's only 8 months till my favourite time of the year... Christmas :) Haha, yes, I am a little bit crazy there probably... I am also really looking forward to summer. I have some holidays booked-ish, but I will not say anymore until it's a bit closer :)


  1. Very cute! Lots of great stuff to look at! :)
    I would definitely buy a origami brooch if I was there!

  2. What a cute stall you have, would love to spend some time browsing there. And I really like your origami brooches!