Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bunnyrific 2

So these here are some actual bunny drawings I did. Without doubt last one is my favourite... again, ink on paper, was just expermenting with different ways of colouring on Photoshop. Because why not? :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Two things I saw today

1. wrapped up antlers ready to ship in Mailboxes ETC. They were as big as me.

2. My brown ink has spontanousely gone mouldy. I have had it for 4 or maybe even 5 years - I admit, but I used it two weeks ago and it was still fine. Thankfully I had another brown ink that was unopened, but seriously? I am still a bit shocked. You can see the beautiful blobs floating in the bottle:

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Post Valentiny

I was working on this picture for quite some time, and I have had it in my head since early January... And of course, the time for me to finish it clearly had to be just AFTER the Valentines day. But nevermind, I think it will still be as nice to look at :)
(PSSSSST.... It's also a PRINT!)
I hope your Valentines day was as nice as theirs... I had some bonding time with my tablet! :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013


It seems that recently a large proportion of my facebook friends has obtained bunnies. (By recentely I mean probably over a year in some cases). So every day I seem to be bombarded with pictures like these:

(Courtesy of Sarah and Aisha)

And I am surely not complaining about this, it's like being bombarded with cat pictures only SLIGHTLY different. I remember in the olden days when I was 5 my granny used to have TONS of bunnies (before they became so last year and she moved on to guinea pigs). I remember of being terrified I will get bitten (but never was). But that is not only bunny related memory for me. Mostly it makes me think of this picture:

Albrecht Dürer is one of my drawing heroes. I think my soft spot are the superdetailed drawings and this was one of more important ones that influenced what I am doing now. I am not alone in being influenced by this image though, as so was Jürgen Goertz:

 This is a scupture which sits outside Albrecht Dürer's house in good old Nürnberg. Which I went to some 10 years ago (I think it was exactly that last November). And it was quite amazing.

So here is my bunny story for today. Now I am going to draw some!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Recentely something new appeared in my life. Bisons. I mean, they were always in my heart but few weeks ago Riennahera has shown me this link: BISONS LIVE FEED. I am not normally into this sort of live feed stuff, but this - this was different. It contains mighty big beasts of animals! And then I had this idea: Why not do some lifedrawing out of that? So here are some results. It was mainly bisons but there was a cheeky brave boar too.

 It was: pens, inks, watercolours, some also digitally pampered up. Yo.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

with a backpack

This is what I'd really like to do now. Pack my bag, wear comfy boots and warm coat and go for a hideously long walk. And have all my food packed in little cntainers and a flask with hot tea. Sometimes this is all I want. It does not happen very often though.