Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Manga Studio Fun part 1 (cattyness!)

Recently I bought Manga Studio under the influence of, well, some stuff I read online and that it was on sale. But truth to be told the one I got was a pretty good value anyway. And on contrary to what name suggests, you don't have to draw exclusively manga on it... The main selling point for me was the fact that it is much better for creating linework than Photoshop. And to be honest, given the low price point (I paid a total of about £50, of which £20 was the shipping from USA) I though: ah, why not treat myself? :P

I haven't really had much time to play with it until now. Although I am still jsut starting out to try all the options, so far I am pretty happy :)

Here is some catty lifedrawing of Ollie the PuddyFat.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas Dogs arrived

So they are here! but unfortunately I can't list them for sale just yet because some proper BAH HUMBUG! time took place today!
When I finally got ready for taking pictures I went to look for the little camera which I always use. No luck. After half an hour wasted I gave up and got to the Big Camera - conveniently out of charge! I couldn't use my old camera, which I know exactly where it is, because my SD card was in the little camera. Out of desperation I got the iPad - also flat batteried. Now the Big Camera is charged it's absolutely pitch black out there so no hope for any half-good pictures.

So I completely FAILED! Instead of a delightful announcing post here about the new cards available have one that says they are ALMOST available. They will be up online tomorrow evening, PROMISE!

Cat Cards are doing well as usual though :)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Home. 2

This is part of a panorama of what currently is my home. The city is placed on seven hills, here you can see two of them. When I was first picking as to where to go for my gap year it was between here and Glasgow, and for a completely unreasonable reason (which has the access to the sea) I picked this place. It has been a while since I moved here, I got completely sucked in and I think it would be hard to leave now (although not impossible :)).

Friday, 8 November 2013

Home. 1

Unlike my mom I have never really moved when I was growing up. I spend almost 20 years in the same city, in the same home. And then I finally moved! It was probably my first big, independent decision. One thing I never want to change is closeness to the sea. I might not live super close to it now, but it is there when I need it.

And the above is my favorite panorama of my first home :)

It's this time of the year when I miss it more.