Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas Dogs arrived

So they are here! but unfortunately I can't list them for sale just yet because some proper BAH HUMBUG! time took place today!
When I finally got ready for taking pictures I went to look for the little camera which I always use. No luck. After half an hour wasted I gave up and got to the Big Camera - conveniently out of charge! I couldn't use my old camera, which I know exactly where it is, because my SD card was in the little camera. Out of desperation I got the iPad - also flat batteried. Now the Big Camera is charged it's absolutely pitch black out there so no hope for any half-good pictures.

So I completely FAILED! Instead of a delightful announcing post here about the new cards available have one that says they are ALMOST available. They will be up online tomorrow evening, PROMISE!

Cat Cards are doing well as usual though :)