Monday, 27 January 2014

1/52 mythical creatures

Here we go then! :) This is the first one, of a bunch of rusałkas - they are slavic creatures that live in the forests, near lakes and streams. They are beautiful, have green hair and will dance you to death. In Poland there is a holiday called "Zielone Świątki" (Green Holidays). It is one of those holidays that have been celebrated by pagan ancestors before catholicism appeared - and originally celebrated these creatures. People would put up feasts for them and dance around bonfires (and apparentely some people sitll do). Currently officially it's Pentecost, a holiday which I personally never really understood. In Poland most people will call it Zielone Świątki.

Watch this space! I will try to update on Mondays :)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

little foresty

As per usual the new years resolution to update more often is not working too well!
But it's ok I was actually pretty busy with really boring things (i.e. tax return).

Now I should have more time for exciting things :)

I am going to start a new series of weekly drawings with mythical creatures. If there are any you particularly love, let me know so I will add them to my list. The list is currently not very long... But I would like to do at least 52 of them (an easier take on the 365 trees thing). So far I have one image nearly finished and a few more planned. Before that tho I have some little drawings of forests and lichens. Weather is no even remotely wintery, it feels like one could go mushroom picking...

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

First picture of 2014

Happy New Year!!!

So this is the first picture I drew this year!

I hope the year is not going to be all like the 1st, as the rain is pouring out there! On the other hand I am cosy next to a real fire, drawing and chilling. I guess it could be worse :)

My main plan for this year is that I want to do a similar thing to 365 trees... But one a week. Theme is yet to be decided, but I think it will start by Sunday ;)