Monday, 27 January 2014

1/52 mythical creatures

Here we go then! :) This is the first one, of a bunch of rusałkas - they are slavic creatures that live in the forests, near lakes and streams. They are beautiful, have green hair and will dance you to death. In Poland there is a holiday called "Zielone Świątki" (Green Holidays). It is one of those holidays that have been celebrated by pagan ancestors before catholicism appeared - and originally celebrated these creatures. People would put up feasts for them and dance around bonfires (and apparentely some people sitll do). Currently officially it's Pentecost, a holiday which I personally never really understood. In Poland most people will call it Zielone Świątki.

Watch this space! I will try to update on Mondays :)


  1. Wonderful project, Zyz! I can't wait for the Mondays :)

  2. beautiful! and dance people to death? how cheerful :D :D

  3. So interesting! When is the 'Green Holidays'? Around now? Some kind of Spring Festival?
    Love the drawing, you captured the magic!

    1. Thanks :) I think it's 50 days after Easter? I just looked it up, it's on 9th June this year ;)

      Like as far as I remember where I come from, normally it was only celebrated in church in the city. But in the countryside you'd get big festivals etc because it was celebrated a lot more by farmers. I think the whole link with Catholicism is VERY hazy... For me anyway. I don't think I have ever been a terribly good catholic, here's hoping my poor mother is not reading this ;)

  4. Dvorak wrote an opera called Rusalka. rod