Friday, 28 March 2014

9/52 KRAKEN!

Kraken is one of my fave creatures ever. I have a soft spot for cephalopods, and the fantastically gigantic one is just so fab! :) One can argue they really exist - well, they do, but I don't think one large enough to drown a ship was ever spotted.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

7/52 Phoenix

I am not in much of a writing mood. So this is phoenix - I think everyone knows this guy? I think this is one of my favourite ones so far :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

6/52 Mermaid

Ok, at long last this is here! I had a funny week and a lot of work so this got quite delayed.

If you can find a little girl that does not like mermaids... I will not give you a prize, but I am sure there aren't many out there. :)

Some interesting facts about my current affairs are as follows:
1. I will be holding a stall at Stonyhurst Spring Fair 26-27th of April. It will be a first for me which is not going to be a craft market... It's a really big event, so wish me luck! Also if you are in Lancashire around that time pop by and say hello!
2. For that reason I want to bring out a few new products. I think the current focus is going to be some printed textiles/new screen prints, so eyes open! I am sure I will be posting wips on my facebook page. They will most likely be tea-towels :P