Monday, 14 January 2013


A friend of mine is currently doing a project for Culture Shock! Warszawa na Opak (Warsaw Reversed) is about masquerades and carnival in the capital of Poland. I really like the idea and got this image stuck in my head since I learned about the project. And I couldn't get it out. Especially the thin flute playing guy and the guest appearance of Cat Behemoth. I read Master and Margerita so long ago I can't even remember when it was. I loved it so and the supporting characters were my favouries (that is, Koroviov and mentioned above Behemoth). Some may fidn the lady on the right vaguely familiar too...

What surprised me most with this project was how much I enjoyed drawing the buildings (this is part of the Old Town in Warsaw). I havent done any for quite a while and it was really fun. And I was so impressed with the results.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Christmas presents in use!

One of the Christmas persents that I got this year was a set of 8 (!!!!!!) coloured inks. I used to use them a lot back in the day, but I normally stuck to black. But since I got this beautiful set I felt like trying it out.... Here's some action photos! I love the little bottles they come in. Normally I use rapidographs since they are easy and practically mess free, and easy on the go, whereas this nib business can be messy and definitely is not suitable for your travelling needs! A lot of times I had accidents and with non-water soluble inks that  use (always the best! ;)) it causes stains that are there to stay.

And the final one is a picture of something that later turned into... THIS!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday Feature

Apart from sharing a snap of my always messy desk, I shall inform you dear readers that I have been featured on Handmade Europe blog :) Head over there if you want to find out what do I do on Fridays! (most of the time, anyway :))

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Here goes 2013!

Around this time last year I have posted my little to do list, or more like a list of goals for 2012. This is the time I shall review what I did and plan another awesome year!

As for the old list:
  1. I will focus more on Etsy, making more stuff and having an online presence. That is to say, yes, I will blog more. - Done!
  2. I want to eat less rubbish and exercise more. I have had a gym membership ages ago and I really miss it! (not just for the sauna) - Done too, but still could be improved!
  3. I will get a driving license. Being on a bus always makes me loose faith in humankind, thanks to troglodytes that are also on it. I don't expect to be able to afford a car, but this will be next in line. - Booo.... This one didn't happen!
  4. I will get a heat press, exposure unit and all the other things I need for screen printing. And then I will screen print. Loads. - This is effectively done - I did not get an exposure unit but I gained access to one I can use whenever I need!
  5. Revamp my blog and website looks. - DONE!!!

As for the new list:

  1. I will make even more things and try to get stockists for my products!
  2. Have another attempt at this whole driving license thing :)
  3. Finish Eelcat or do and complete a new comic.
  4. Draw loads and loads and loads!
  5. Try to do a clothes line - i.e. printed t-shirts or something along those lines!
  6. Conquer the planet Earth!
I promise I will review this mid-year! :)