Monday, 14 January 2013


A friend of mine is currently doing a project for Culture Shock! Warszawa na Opak (Warsaw Reversed) is about masquerades and carnival in the capital of Poland. I really like the idea and got this image stuck in my head since I learned about the project. And I couldn't get it out. Especially the thin flute playing guy and the guest appearance of Cat Behemoth. I read Master and Margerita so long ago I can't even remember when it was. I loved it so and the supporting characters were my favouries (that is, Koroviov and mentioned above Behemoth). Some may fidn the lady on the right vaguely familiar too...

What surprised me most with this project was how much I enjoyed drawing the buildings (this is part of the Old Town in Warsaw). I havent done any for quite a while and it was really fun. And I was so impressed with the results.


  1. The Master and Margerita is one of my favourite books ever, I love it! I love this picture too :D

  2. When I looked on that picture 'Master and Margarita' came to my mind and then I read that is all connected!)) So you managed to put the meaning to your drawing!)

  3. It is a very impressive result, indeed!

  4. I realize I need to read Master and Margarita, I don't remember anything about the book anymore. But I do like your drawing, beautifully executed and strange but festive atmosphere.

  5. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for your kind words today at my place..
    I'd love to come back one day too. One way or another..
    But first I need a break.

    We'll meet again.

    Hugs / Johanna