Thursday, 3 January 2013

Here goes 2013!

Around this time last year I have posted my little to do list, or more like a list of goals for 2012. This is the time I shall review what I did and plan another awesome year!

As for the old list:
  1. I will focus more on Etsy, making more stuff and having an online presence. That is to say, yes, I will blog more. - Done!
  2. I want to eat less rubbish and exercise more. I have had a gym membership ages ago and I really miss it! (not just for the sauna) - Done too, but still could be improved!
  3. I will get a driving license. Being on a bus always makes me loose faith in humankind, thanks to troglodytes that are also on it. I don't expect to be able to afford a car, but this will be next in line. - Booo.... This one didn't happen!
  4. I will get a heat press, exposure unit and all the other things I need for screen printing. And then I will screen print. Loads. - This is effectively done - I did not get an exposure unit but I gained access to one I can use whenever I need!
  5. Revamp my blog and website looks. - DONE!!!

As for the new list:

  1. I will make even more things and try to get stockists for my products!
  2. Have another attempt at this whole driving license thing :)
  3. Finish Eelcat or do and complete a new comic.
  4. Draw loads and loads and loads!
  5. Try to do a clothes line - i.e. printed t-shirts or something along those lines!
  6. Conquer the planet Earth!
I promise I will review this mid-year! :)

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  1. Good luck with conquering planet Earth :)) and all your other plans too