Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bäckahäst comic

It's essentially a Kelpie. A horrible horrible creature that does horrible things....

Now this took a while to complete :P I am not 100% happy with it but I am glad it's finished. So I can move on to the next thing and also... I officially started finishing stuff :)

psssst.... I really like the third panel on the last page. Like really really :D

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Drop in and Draw session at BBC tent at Edinburgh Fringe!

Last weekend I was partaking in a Fringe event! It was a drop in and draw session aimed at families. Hosted in the BBC tent as a part of the Storytelling week. Needless to say, it was...


We had a few activities people (kids)could pick from. I sadly didn't think and did not take lots of pictures, but...


 Apart from the whiteboard speechbubble we had the Giant Wall Comic which I think I have done an ok job recording.

 Took lots of pictures and then "glued" them all together... The quality is not ideal (phone and bad lighting), but it is legible! (when you view the full size that is).

click on this text to view the full size...

So I did the starting panel for this activity. The idea was that the story could go anywhere from there... People were to come along and add one panel, wherever they wanted. They could either start a new storyline or continue already existing ones. Some stories are crossing over... Just follow the arrows :)

I kind of wish I had more pictures! Other activities included
- "fix my comic" (where you could either fill in the speech bubbles, or add images to a comics with text but no pictures)
- "The worlds worst..." where you could draw the world's worst... zoo keeper, ballet dancer, warlock etc,
- Random Character - pick random name, profession and description (this is how Gertrude the Zombie Superhero was once born...)
- draw yourself as a Superhero. This is another one of mine, so you can print it out and give it a bash yourself! :) (complete with an Edinburgh skyline. One kid drew Godzilla in this one - I think Edinburgh needs a kaiju :P)

Just to make it clear, me and Aimee were not the only ones there (actually we only came in on Sunday....). This was organized by Eddie other helpers included Steve, Gill, Chris and Will (who did the worlds worst).