Sunday, 27 June 2010


My work has been featured on Edinburgh Theatre Review site! Here it is, so that the post doesn't look empty:

It was a result of a collaboration between ECA illustration and University of East Anglia. More info about the project and other people's works here.

This picture was based on a photo I got from the tutor. It was meant to be environment of person depicted in th ephotograph - which was a cyclist. I couldn't come up with anything complicated and I believe that was for the good - as in this case the simple idea worked pretty well. Technique is acrylic paint, some ink and a little bit of colour made with eyeshadows. Pretty girly!

I have been declining this blog and a lot of other creative activity due to my current day job - which thankfully is just for the summer. I promise this will get better!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Victorian family

This is a series of prints I did a while back. They are reduction block woodcuts. Buyable on my etsy site!!