Saturday, 28 June 2014


This is where i'm going.... Today! Goodbye internet ;) see you guys in a week! Although rumour has it there is wifi at the local pub. :)

When i am back I will start again on the weekly creatures. I am hoping to come across some while I am away ;)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What can a picture of measly strawberry plants get you?

The plant itself will eventually give you some strawberries. Until then all you can really do is take pictures of it I guess :) Well, this is what mine looked like at the time of photographing (I think about a weeks ago). And then I entered into Natalka's giveaway on instagram. The rules were to take a photo of a flower and tag it with Natalka's tag... Most of my plants just decided to give up their flowers so I took a picture of this, a bit for a laugh:

But my entry was accepted and.... Well and in the end I won! Winner was picked out of a hat, so at least the quality of my agriculture was not affecting the result ;)

So few days later this arrived in post:

...Perhaps one day I will be able to grow a flower like this :P But so far I need to satisfy myself with this. Which is not such a bad thing anyway ;)

You can see Natalka's fabulous shop here on Etsy. She makes lots of gorgeous embroidered jewellery. She also runs another shop with recycled computer parts jewellery and more :D Very cool.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Comics Nonsense

So I have been attendingthis little short comics class. It was great fun and on the last one we were meant to do a shortened version of the 24 hour day comic (24 pages over 24 hours). Classes were 2h long so we did a 2 page. It took much longer than two hours ;) for me it was more like 2h + 1h + 2h. Well, we can't have everything, can we? Anyway, here it is. :)