Saturday, 12 January 2013

Christmas presents in use!

One of the Christmas persents that I got this year was a set of 8 (!!!!!!) coloured inks. I used to use them a lot back in the day, but I normally stuck to black. But since I got this beautiful set I felt like trying it out.... Here's some action photos! I love the little bottles they come in. Normally I use rapidographs since they are easy and practically mess free, and easy on the go, whereas this nib business can be messy and definitely is not suitable for your travelling needs! A lot of times I had accidents and with non-water soluble inks that  use (always the best! ;)) it causes stains that are there to stay.

And the final one is a picture of something that later turned into... THIS!


  1. I looove Winsor inks, white is my fav, perfect for the moleskine covers ;)
    And that little deer is so cute, can't wait to see more coloured creations :)

  2. what kind of inks are these Zyzzz? Love your little drawing. :))

  3. Amazing gift! When I was younger, I used to have a lot of these inks. But I went back to watercolours.
    Lovely deer you made! :)

  4. Wow, what a great gift! Those photos are so inviting that I would like to try them myself! The deer is charming. :)

  5. amazing! ohh all these make me dream to become a painter one day... thank you for sharing...