Friday, 19 April 2013


On Saturday I did a photoetching class at Edinburgh Printmakers.

I love printmaking - the idea of it, as I have always been obsessed with work that can be reproduced/be multiple copies of the same thing. I have tried woodblock, lino, drypoint, some monoprints (that I didn't really like because they were... mono prints), screenprinting (big love)... But I never did any etching based things. And this course I booked thinking it was actually something slightly different (that also uses photec), I did  in in the spur of the moment really. And not regretting one bit, quite the opposite :)

It was AMAZING fun, as I have never done any etching before. But this being something between screenprinting and intaglio... My geek mode certainly kicks in ;)
I am now also working on a series of drawings that I think will all slowly turn into photoetchings... I just love it THAT much. It feels like a whole new world of opportunities has opened :)

So it's a story of how this...

...turned into this!

And a snapshop of the lovely tutor and some other folks that also did the class and their work.

Actually, there is no story here really. I will have some more inbetween process pictures next time... Or maybe a picture of a plate?

Anyway - the course at Edinburgh Printmakers was fantastic and I just kind of want to do more! 


  1. sounds and looks like really fun!

  2. Wow! Beautiful etching! It's magic to me :D

  3. I want the other parts of the story, please!

  4. Zyzz, looks great! But it's not fair, you leave us hanging! We demand the process pics! Right now! Meuw... :P

    1. Soz pet, don't have any more :D
      I will do some when I go back there, this or next month :)