Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Morningside Makers Market

This month I had a stall at Morningside Makers Market. It was the very first time I did anything like that (I mean, I has been on stalls, just never had one with only my stuff on it!).

I was selling cards, prints, canvas bags and some original work. Overall it was a great experience, but I think I have learned a lot too. I'm glad that at least my stall didn't look empty (thanks to advice of Carmen of Craft Reactor :) )

If you didn't make it but are dying to buy my work, some of it will be available on my Etsy store :P

Here's a couple of pictures:

Special Great Thanks go to:
  • Laura D., for spending 4 hours with me cutting cardboard, putting stuff in polypockets and doing other highly uninteresting things
  • Riennahera, for spending even more hours with me at the stall keeping me company (and looking after it when I did a home-run caused by me forgetting my business cards

1 comment:

  1. I wish I hadn't been working and could have come to see your delights. Sure the bank manager is pleased as would have wanted to spend so much monies. xx