Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mariella of the Forests

Came across this recentely.

Over a year ago I started writing this very complex fantasy story with a lot of separate plots that would eventually come together with a big BANG and... Thats roughly where it ended, in planning stages. In my great A4 hardbound sketchbook. I have a few designs of characters that were meant to go in it, some plot bits and bobs written down, but generally the whole story went 'on hold' because I decided to focus on Eelcat for the time being. And then... I looked at the sketchbook few weeks ago and really want to work on it again! Although I doubt much will come out anytime soon, as a warm up - here's Mariella, the girl that talks to dead people or something along those lines.

It's black and white acrylic paint, some arty pens and pink eyeshadow. Oh yeah!

(the study of medium it was done in suggests that it was in fact done about 1,5-2 years ago :P)

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