Monday, 13 September 2010

Dark Forest

A pretty new addition to my sketchbook.

I was feeling a bit down and after trying to draw same thing about 5 times and still not being happy with it I just started a random scribble and this came out. Miles happier with this one than the monsters that came out (and I will never actually publish as they were just rubbish).

I am trying to come up with new design for my main site, since that one is very dark and I got a bit tired of it. And it's so black and white... I want something autumny. I have some ideas (especially after scrapping the idea number one that just wouldn't come out right - as mentioned above), but I think it will still be a bit until I actually do it. And autumn is almost here!!!

In the meantime I am reading one of my favourite books ever - Moominvalley in November. You can only read it if it's cold and miserable outside though, otherwise it won't be the in the quite right mood.

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