Saturday, 9 March 2013

triangular tree

This is the number 350 out of 365. The end is nigh! I m very happy about this actually. It feels like I will get my freedom back! The last 20 trees as well as being bigger take more time to draw. But it's ok as this will be over soon!

What next, is the question. There have been suggestions of bunnies, mythical creatures and some other ones. I am not too sure yet myself. This has been a good, generic brief and the main purpose was to force myself to draw lots post graduation. It worked great, I have also revisited some techniques, eperimented a litttle, turned some of the trees into products. I am just a bit worried it might start feeling empty after this. So I think I might start a new similar project after this one, maybe a few weeks or months after this one is complete. What will it be? No idea. One thing is for sure - the highest frequency will be WEEKLY. Daily is just a bit too much. Perhaps several montly challenges? That could be fun too and it wouldn't get too repetitive, as sometimes I have struggled with inspiration/ideas.

So just hang on with me for a few more days (18th of March will be the final day, if I am not wrong - and I may well be as I am rubbish with dates), and get that celebratory bottle of wine ready for when the time comes ;)