Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Marshmallow Lady's Festive Exhibition

So last Wednesday (I am unfirtunately pretty sow with relaying these things, but November has been pretty busy!) I attended the exhibition opening for a GROUP EXHIBITION in which I am PARTAKING ;)
It's pretty exciting :) Here are a couple of pictures from the event:

And this is me with some of my bags (trees!) and jars of marshmallows.... mmmm!

 There were marshmallows, muled wine, lovelyness, and obviously I managed to mess something up too (i.e. arrange to meet someone at the same date and time - I still can't apologize enough :O).

The ehibition is running through to the end of December so get down to Marshmallow Lady's to have a look! :) (and of course taste the marshmallows).


  1. Zyanna- you look so cute!!!! Good luck with the exhibition!

  2. Ale fajnie :)
    Yes I agree you look totaly cute !
    good luck

  3. Interesting!!
    Looks amazing!!
    good luck Zyanna!!

  4. awww, so cute! I mean that lady in the back :PPP