Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fox in Fog

This is a part two to the Michelle and Ghost picture. I am not sure if I am too happy with the fox, but I thin this is the first fox I drew in ages. So I just need more practice practice practice!

I just realised that the first picture I did in June. Time passes waaaaaaaay too fast!


  1. love your drawings, Zyzzz :)

    Is the fox the ghost in the other drawing? Or is she Michelle? :P

    1. If only I knew! Michelle seemed to think that it would be the option one. But then we'd need to get in a ghost specialist to establish it properly.

    2. I wonder how you're illustrations would if you put some colour into them :) Like with your tree and bird illustrations.

    3. Wait... that wasn't supposed to be a reply on Dori... Don't know why it didn't just post the normal way...

    4. I'm sure Dori won't mind :P
      I don't! :P
      I am going to colour some in, they are gonna be ready like at latest next week!
      They probably could look so amazeballs I am not sure if I could cope ;)

  2. Chcę go przytulać do mej piersi.