Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I have this terrible habit of making lists. They don't always work as means of motivating me, but they definitely work as means of making me happy and making me feel organized. Most of the time it's not true anyway, but I eep making them. I am doing a wee craft show thingie on Saturday and I could not resist NOT making a list of things I want to get done for it (i.e. stock), but since I have 4 3 days left till the zero hour, i thought I will at least make a rough plan of what I want done by when. And the great Aljona suggested I should make a dinosaur shaped one. Just for that little bit of extra motivation.


  1. A Dinosaur list is definitely more fun!:D
    I don't get anything done without lists. Can't live without them.

  2. Yes yes... more dinosaur lists from now on!

  3. This looks so fun! Great dino!

  4. :D - I don't usually make lists but this might get me to do it, but mine will be a velociraptor :P

  5. oh, yeah! "to do" lists are really a great motivation! I decided to have a list for my daily routines (I made sort of a daily planner I mark spots in it every day) and also make a short list of urgent to-do's for every day as well. I can hardly to keep up with everything, but at least I do not forget things ;)

  6. Lists .. oh yes !
    I am huge list maker too
    But lately .. I keep on loosing them somewhere
    Anyway I can't imagine my life without making them
    Soo good to know there is more crazy list making addicts out there lol