Thursday, 25 October 2012

Astro Cat

This is an absolutely fab print I got as a part of a swap with Aljona - the most talented young designer :). We have been on and off buddies for Etsy Christmas Bootcamp thing (yes, this probably is just a bunch of words that don't mean anything to You). The swap was probably the best thing that came of it SO FAR. You know what it's like, advice for an advice, eye for an eye, cat picture for a cat picture... I though the vintage style photo will be fitting for the nature of the print (read: I could only take photo with my phone and the wannabe hipster in me decided that using instagram is the best thing since sliced bread). I am utterly loving the print. The paper is lovely, the packaging was great, the little baby print that I got as a freebie was amazing too... All I need now is a frame fitting of this picture. And all YOU need now is your own copy OF THIS ASTRO CAT. You might now think this is a sponsored post or an advert. You are totally wrong. :) Young artists can't afford those!


  1. Haha, Zyzz, I love your style of writing too! You and Aljona are a good pair :P

  2. Great job with the boot camp girls!!!! Butttt don't say the swap was the only thing, I'm sure you learned a lot one from another! At least you invented some dinosaur lists meanwhile :D