Sunday, 25 March 2012

You never know when an adventure awaits you

I couldn't resist posting a cryptic cool title. Yesterday was a really cold and very very foggy day - almost like from Sweeney Todd. I went to see an exhibition by ECA students that have never exhibited before. Claire found out about it and I thought it could be fun to get out, although this type of exhibitions is normally in a weird place and contains rather modern type of art, which is not always to my liking. But days out with Claire are always fun and she is the best exhibition viewing companion I think I've ever had. The venue was the Old Ambulance Depot in Leith. I have never heard of the place. The Depot was in a gate, on one of the not-very main streets, and after a wee stroll around the area we finally found it. As I said, the day was cold, gloomy and this was some gray backyard, and we saw this:

 And to make things even better (not for the vehicle owner), on closer inspection I found this:

It was the most curious and surreal thing I saw all month I think. More surreal than any of the young ECA students work that then we proceeded to see. And I still wonder, what on earth was going through the parking attendants head when he was writing out the ticket?

I should probably also mention that I have a weak spot for three wheeled vehicles ever since I saw the Reliant Robin episode of Top Gear.