Friday, 2 March 2012

waves and things

I had a pretty good day today, full of wandering around Edinburgh's galleries and chatting to strangers. I feel very cultured ;)

Aaaand, I have been featured by The MADE Project!

The month started with me window shopping in high street clothes shops, that are not a particularly inspiring place in themselves but I just really want to make lots of nice things now (bags, scarves etc...). I have now a clear plan in my head and hopefully will be able to start producing lots of the above by the end of may or beginning of June... Or maybe before then :)

For the meantime, some waves:


  1. Aaaaahh!
    Congratulations Zyzanna! That's so exciting :D can't wait to see what you get up to next...

    1. Why thank you kindly! I hope to produce some little things by the ed of this week and have them photographed etc by the start of next :P ig things still hav to wait until I get to book myself to Edinburgh Printmakers.