Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello 2012!

A follow-up of yesterday's post, this is what I want to achieve this year.

  1. I will focus more on Etsy, making more stuff and having an online presence. That is to say, yes, I will blog more.
  2. I want to eat less rubbish and exercise more. I have had a gym membership ages ago and I really miss it! (not just for the sauna)
  3. I will get a driving license. Being on a bus always makes me loose faith in humankind, thanks to troglodytes that are also on it. I don't expect to be able to afford a car, but this will be next in line.
  4. I will get a heat press, exposure unit and all the other things I need for screen printing. And then I will screen print. Loads.
  5. Revamp my blog and website looks.

    Photo was taken by the Chris.


  1. tu me manques.
    you're really more of a do-er, which is excellent. I think you will achieve everything you've set your mind to. (and my, how long your hair has gotten!)
    let's talk some time! I didn't do much last year, but I might actually get my this year and start a master's. or... I dunno. I wanted to learn swedish as well, how did you do it? a class?

  2. Ari: Bóg Zapłać.

    Anne-Marie: Aw aw. You just have to come here sometime! One of my secret new year resolutions is being on skype more, which will deff be easier once I have a broadband of not-mobile variety (sometime this or next month hopefully).
    Yeah, my hair is pretty much down to my ankles now... :) There are several options when you want to learn Swedish, I opted for a more invasive method: I only wear scandinavian jumpers and eat almost exclusively elk meat. Seems to be working a treat! ;)