Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011!

This post is slightly inspired by this one from Liselotte. I wanted to do the same survey thing and I did, but some of the things seemed too personal and too long for anyone to read. So instead I decided to do a quick summary of what happened in 2011.

  1. I graduated! No longer a student I feel free to roam and work on what I want. I am also not as skint as I was, but it's still far from being rich.
  2. I designed my first line of brooches. Look here!
  3. I got over the hand and some other health issues that I hope to leave behind forever.
  4. I no longer live in a rented flat! (And also that doesn't mean I moved back with the parents, just moved in with the boyfriend).
  5. I started learning a new language. Being fluent in two really is not enough!

It might not be all big things, but I feel like this was a very productive year (although it had a lot of faffing in it too).

This is the skull tree :) I am not a fan of fake trees but this was just a bit of a joke to carry the skull decorations, which I wouldn't put on the serious tree. (If you click on it to see the closeuo, you can see two  of the skulls on the right side at the very bottom).

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