Friday, 8 October 2010

Wolf Hat & some website talk

Ohhh, he's angry!!! I wish I could be where he is. And have the hat.

I am really struggling for good walk areas near where I live. The closest thing is the Canal, and you can have really pleasant walks along there. I need proper FOREST though. One you can go in and get a bit lost. Back home there were loads of forests you could go into, finding old cementeries and walking surrounded by trees for hours! In Edinburgh - the local places are nice, but they all seem pretty busy. Pentland hills are great too (got lost there quite a few times, hihi), but then they are a bus drive away... The world seems to be against me today.

On the less interesting note, I am planning on changing a few things on the website, menus, portfolio bit etc... And I spent about 5 hours today messing with code, preparing it for the changes and there is actually almost nothing noticeable about it, apart from the portfolio bit which might seem a bit bare/cluttered now (to be changed soon). At least the actual changes will be now well easy to make... Once I get round to do them.

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