Monday, 10 February 2014

3/52 Jackalope

So here's number three! :) A mythical creature and fairly recent one in a sense, as people still believed they are about only few hundred years ago. All because of some grotesque bunny virus. This specimen has antlers much like reindeer.

I have been experimenting a fair bit with the coloring of these and switching between Photoshop and Manga Studio. I dont think I have found a good way to color these linear drawings but hopefully will get there soon.

This also happens to be my 200th post... I'd say time flies but actually it took quite a while to get there. Can I get to 300 this year? Maybe. Who knows ;)


  1. Hmmm, the mushrooms might be involved in the transformation. Or maybe in the way we see the creature ;)

  2. Love this: The shape, the colors, the creature...!
    Congratulations for reaching 200 posts!

    1. Oh, forgot to mention the mushrooms, they are amazing!