Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mini Comic Fair at Edinburgh Book Festival

Edinburgh Book Festival (probably my favorite of all festival activities here in the burgh) was hosting lots of graphic novel related events. There was even a Mini Comic Fair which I went to last Saturday with Aimee. I LOVE comic books, I read probably the same amount of books as I read cartoons as a kid (both is a lot). Recently I have been going through this "blast from the past" fascination with all things sequential. As much as I love illustration and product design this is a nice change. And also reading it and not drawing is quite relaxing ;)

We went first to have a browse and then decide whether we wanted to go back and buy things. And yes, we did! I was armed with a £30 budget (and ended up overspending) and one of my favourite purchases was this:

(Presented to us by lovely young Daisy in the background).
The guy behind them was a great chat and offered to sign the books for us.

And he even drew pictures! How exciting. My name always gets misspelled, and so does Aimee's, so we both were being morons making a big deal of it. And despite all this fuss, he did mess it up on the second book...

To make up for it he made a mistake on Aimee's too. It was pretty funny ;)

The books themselves are essays on film related things (one of them is food in films). They are pretty good, but I will perhaps say more about them next time, when I read them all :)

And here's another shot of Daisy, the dog who'd like to eat all the other dogs.

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  1. Haha! Edward Ross is definitely my new favourite comic book writer after reading those books, I'm going to be making regular visits to the Filmhouse to (stalk him) buy more zines. I especially like the shot of the comics with Daisy's overweight arse in the background, she's on a diet now after all those chips!