Thursday, 13 December 2012

December! Photo time! :)

I confess - I have been a bad egg. I did not update blog much over past 2 weeks... Reason? I was SUPERCHRISTMASBUSY! (Also got a cold on the way, your typical excuses all the way!). For that I shall make it up to everyone and publish some action shots. In that time I did 3 markets, here's some shots from Noir! the Christmas Fair:

This is the fabulous Fi of Fiona Heather with David Anderson (who took the following picture:)

...of me and the Fi!

Something amazing has also happened. The elusive Christmas Jumper Cat Christmas Jumper came to life!

(there is still one available and if you are in UK you can get i on time for Christmas!)


  1. haha, you gotta love the Zyzz! :D

    And that jumper is the bee's knees. If I didn't dislike cats the way I do... (sorry)

    1. Dori: you're fired!
      But really, I know which animal you love the most. I mean, nothing can compete with ants really, can it?

  2. I saw the jumper on facebook and thought it was so awesome. This is pretty much my reaction:

  3. Looks like you had fun! :) and that sweater is adorable!