Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bags! (Full view post preview ;) )

I have been super busy recentely working on LOADS of new projects/items. I already have some things that are nearly made for Christmas! :) But before they are revealed, photographed, and more importantly, actually MADE, here's things that are already done! If you click on the images you will be transferred to a nice place where you can look at more pictures of them and exchange your money for them ;)

This one  is one of my favourites - it was quite challenging to make with all the colours! But they turned out absolutely fab :) It also made it to the Etsy front page on the first day of being listed!!!

This is the famous narwhala in the bag form ;)

And for something completely different, whale song! Ok, not really that different ;)

There has also been few other colours of octopus added to the line (the black ones look really really good!!):

And this is last, but not least one of the Recycled Saloon series. It is actually the last one of the series and there have only been two of each design made! "Sister" of this bag I have myself :)


  1. It's the many colours that make the 'forrest' bag very appealing. Is it my favourite also? Not sure, that upside-down-whale takes some beating :)

  2. i really like the one with the trees...I can imagine that must have been challenging but worth it.
    Also like the whale song :)