Thursday, 24 November 2011


This is a picture for Illustration Friday. It took me absolute ages to think of what to draw for this topic (I am getting a bit rusty not having don this for a  few weeks), and when I knew what I wanted to do the time started to run out pretty fast. And it was a fairly ambitious thing to take on for a short deadline. I shall stop praising myself now ;)

The image is inspired by a hybrid of witches from Stardust and you good old Evil Queen from Snow White. She kills them to steal their youth (and beauty, and earrings as it seems).

For fullview click here. It was actually only slightly bigger than A4, so I had to scan it in halves and then put it together. It is not my favorite job by any means, especially with hideously detailed line drawings that are very difficult to line up properly.
I just need an A3 scanner now.


  1. Wow, I would have had no idea you had to put two halves back together, well done! It's a great drawing despite your time crunch. Love the detailed line work.

  2. I never have the patience to put a scanned drawing back together. lol..I've tried a few times, but to no luck, I give in and just go to a copy shop. I love the idea and though put into your lovely illustration. I just can't get enough of the details. Keep up the super work!

  3. love the intricate line details. and the black and white contrast really pops!